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Pitch Presentation IV - MOUT - Military Operations in Urban Terrain

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Taking or winning of buildings and streets is one of the main tasks of infantry forces and serves the purpose of controlling a given area. The soldiers are confronted with unknown areas and suddenly appearing enemies at very short distances. In this situation, the most flexible equipment with comprehensive ballistic protection is required.


High mobility is essential for survival in built-up areas. Streets, multi-storey buildings, sewers and similar physically demanding challenges alternate with long open streets and squares. In addition, military operations in urban terrain are characterised by a high demand for ammunition and explosive ordnance. Heavy construction and the omnipresent danger of collateral damages severely limit the choice and effectiveness of the means used. A soldier must therefore carry additional weapons and ammunition. Depending on the available forces or the size of the area, a longer substainability may also be required. As a result, the soldier often carries additional food and equipment necessary to fulfil his mission. Different buildings, battle damages, barriers and other uncertainties quickly make the urban battlefield unclear. Each building is different and by being shot from different directions the situation can quickly become complex. This and the constant danger of booby traps require a high level of all-round ballistic protection.


The optimal protection in combination with the reduced weight and high mobility allow a long endurance. Ergonomically shaped and lightweight ballistic protection modules do not hinder the soldier in his natural movements and thus automatically reduce physical and mental stress. This leads to a better efficiency of the soldier.

Thus the M.U.S.T. system is also able to withstand in built-up areas. Modularly upgradeable plate carrier from Lindnerhof tactics as well as weight-optimised body armour elements from Mehler Vario System allow the soldier to flexibly adapt his required equipment. Flame-retardant and lightweight operational clothing from UF Pro enables the soldier to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

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