For whom has M.U.S.T. been developed?

M.U.S.T. is primarily aimed at military and police units and other protection and law enforcement agencies.

Can I buy M.U.S.T. products as a private person?

Basically, all M.U.ST. components are exclusively designed to meet the needs of security and law enforcement agencies and cannot be purchased from private individuals.

What is the warranty on the products?

Textile components have a legal warranty of 24 months.

According to TR/VPAM, a warranty of 10 years is given on the ballistic performance of the ballistic inserts.

What care instructions must be observed?

Ballistic and textile components must always be stored in a dry place. We recommend always carrying the system in a carrying bag and storing it lying down. Contact with sharp-edged or pointed objects should be avoided if possible in order to avoid damaging either the outer fabric or the protective insert.

The components are generally not intended for household or industrial washing!

If necessary, the components can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They must not be bleached, ironed, chemically treated and dried or tumble dried.

Textile components and protective inserts should only be reassembled or inserted after being completely dried. For more detailed care instructions, please refer to the label / manual.

What distinguishes all M.U.ST. components?

Individually adaptable protection surface with variable protection class on the latest technical level paired with intuitive operation and modular configuration possibilities. High durability combined with high wearing comfort, even in extreme application scenarios - this and more stands for M.U.S.T.

Which materials are used in the production of M.U.S.T. components?

M.U.S.T. components are manufactured using modern high-end materials from renowned manufacturers in the field of covers as well as soft and hard ballistics. In combination with advanced manufacturing processes, this gives the system high weight savings and durability.

Which garment fits which M.U.S.T. configuration options?

The M.U.ST. System can be combined or expanded either with the existing (combat) apparel or with apparel systems from other suppliers, such as UF PRO, who are involved in the development of the overall system.

The individual components of M.U.S.T. are perfectly coordinated to ensure maximum wearing comfort. Typical movement sequences are not restricted and the wearing comfort of tactical equipment is further improved.

Do you have questions about the compatibility of your clothing system in combination with M.U.S.T.? Please contact us

Can the existing equipment be combined or extended with M.U.S.T.?

Depending on your own equipment, our M.U.S.T. products can be universally combined or extended by intelligent interfaces.

Thus, M.U.S.T. components that are purchased later or developed in the future can be combined with already used M.U.S.T. components.

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